Calstock Hall

Calstock Village Hall is a community resource run by the community for the community.

Club night @ the Hall

Angel Heart Theater return to Calstock!

With a tale to engage hearts of all ages.


This professional touring theatre company is dedicated to The Art of Puppetry and Storytelling: it is our passion and our pleasure. We create original stories or re-imagine old, familiar tales.

Today's show is a delightful re-imagining of one of Aesop's most loved fables:
Jacob is a young boy who loves to be playful. When he is given the responsibility of being the village shepherd his wild imagination leads him astray...

This tale about the power of our words is brought to life for young children and their families, with Angel Heart'simpeccable combination of exquisite puppetry, dynamic storytelling, beautiful live music and the chance to join in.

This is a family show suitable for everyone 3 years and above

Puppets by James Richardson, Lisa Green and Dave Oliver

Live music by Felicity Hollow

Directed by James Richardson
Adapted from Aesop's fable by James Richardson and Felicity Hollow